Autism & Aspergers


Developing a game plan for long-term abstinence

I meet the individual where they are, and work with them to develop a foundation that sets the table for long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol. The sessions are available online (Skype) from anywhere in the world or privately at my office in Phoenix, Arizona.

Here are the methods I use, which are effective with autistic/asperger individuals:

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

12 Step Therapy

Mindfulness Meditation

I have been working as an educator with special needs teens and adults since 2006, (I have worked for four years at the largest special needs high school in Southern California), over this period I have seen an increase in alcoholism and drug use in this population.

Regrettably, a very high percentage of these students have anxiety, which presents challenges in seeking treatment for their substance abuse disorder. Treatment centers work with insurance companies that require group therapy as a condition of coverage. Many autistic and asperger individuals cannot access traditional treatment, because of their difficulty with groups.

My background as an educator in the school system and the years of teaching through my company Special Needs Music, has prepared me to effectively coach individuals on the spectrum in their recovery from drugs and or alcohol.