HALT: Don’t Get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired

After working with others for over a quarter century and coaching on a professional level since 2002, I have seen a lot of clients who need a lot of help with self-care. I sit down with my coaching clients to put on paper a plan of action so can that they better take care of themselves. When my sober coaching clients take care of their bodies, they are in a much more resourcesful state to address stress and any intense emotions that may arise, be they in early or long-term recovery.

Three Reasons to Consider a Sober Coach

A sober coach is a person who provides solid guidance, assistance, and motivation to a person in recovery from drugs, alcohol, or any self-destructive behavior. A sober coach can also operate as a life coach and advocate to help the client improve areas such as health, relationships, and career. A sober/recovery coach, however, is not a psychologist or licensed drug councilor and does not provide clinical analysis. In addition, a sober coach should not be confused with a sober companion, who frequently provides round-the-clock support.