Three Reasons to Consider a Sober Coach

A sober coach is a person who provides solid guidance, assistance, and motivation to a person in recovery from drugs, alcohol, or any self-destructive behavior. A sober coach can also operate as a life coach and advocate to help the client improve areas such as health, relationships, and career. A sober/recovery coach, however, is not a psychologist or licensed drug councilor and does not provide clinical analysis. In addition, a sober coach should not be confused with a sober companion, who frequently provides round-the-clock support.

Here are some reasons to consider a sober coach.

Reason 1. To develop a foundation for recovery.

Most people in early recovery need help in establishing a foundation to stay abstinent. A sober coach works will help you to develop game plans to build a foundation for long-term recovery, and will be sympathetic to your individual needs (some people wrestle with acceptance in early recovery). A foundation for recovery, however, is established through measurable actions, which brings us to reason two. 

Reason 2. To realize the necessary actions to remain abstinent.

Recovery is like anything else in life: the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. A sober coach help you to establish the daily actions necessary for you to stay clean and sober, he or she will also help you to stay on the path, so that if you feel like using or drinking, which is very common in early recovery, you’ll have a solid game plan to address the compulsions that may arise. 

Reason 3: To help with the major life areas

The major areas of one’s life are usually referred to as relationships, health, and career/employment. A sober coach helps with all of these major areas by providing valuable feedback and advice for navigating these areas, whether the client is in early or long-term recovery. A sober coach can also help with step work, but that is not the central role of the sober coach, and therein lies central difference between coaching and the sponsor/sponsee relationship as dictated in a 12-step program. A sober coach addresses all of the concerns a person may have, independent of whether or not they are directly recovery related.